Materials Science & Technology

Learn more about the technologies which makes VTG Support a leader in orthopeadic & sports medicine


Our 3D knitting technology creates a stable structure, supporting the muscles and decreasing the risk of injury and improving your athletic performance.

Octagonal jacquary terry

The breathable knit design dissipates heat, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Coolmax® Fibre

Coolmax® uses a special cross-section with grooves designed for moisture wicking, providing insulation on colder days.  Coolmax® is breathable, moisture resistant and has anti-bacterial properties.

Bamboo Charcoal Fibre

Bamboo is a smart, sustainable and all natural fibre. Its porous nature makes it ideal for regulating excess moisture, temperature and humidity, and eliminating odour.

Nylon Lycra®

Lycra® is a synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity In addition to Nylon being a comfortable and cooling fibre, Nylon is durable and weather resistant, making it ideal for outdoor sports apparel and supports.

Ocatagonal Closed cell EVA pad

The light weight EVA material absorbs and disperses external forces, improving impact resistant. Ergonomic design allows for a closer and better fit, whilst grooves in the pad helps evaporate and wick sweat, keeping you comfortable for longer.

Copper Fibre

Copper is renowned for it's anti-microbial, anti-static anti-odour properties. It is excellent for moisture absorption and sweat evaporation, and it's high strength and elasticity makes it ideal for those active moments.


Celliant® fibres reflects your body's natural energy using infrared technology. It is created from natural minerals and embedded into polyester fibres. It's designed to help athletes with endurances and to maximise your workouts/ performance.

Agion® Fibre

Agion® is the smartest antimicrobial in the industry, only activating when needed, to defend against microbes. Leveraging copper and silver antimicrobial technology, Agion® uses zeolite carriers to provide its active ingredients, such as ionic silver, which fights microbes by preventing respiration, inhibiting cell division and disrupting cell metabolism.